Warranty? What Warranty?

In the case of Electric Bikes the warranty means absolutely nothing if the supplier is not around when you need a repair or service.

So many people are jumping on the e-bike band wagon thinking that they will make a fortune in this strong growth market. They Import a container of dubious quality e-bikes from China only to find the bikes don’t sell very well, break down and look like they will send them to the poor house. So they sell them off at cost or below and get out.

At Blind Freddy Electric Bikes we have seen so many go down this road. We started by selling proven brands from long established Australian Suppliers. These companies use reputable overseas suppliers who are capable of meeting internationally acceptable quality standards and comply to rigid product specifications. As we developed we gained valuable information and experience. This helped us to establish a trusted reputation for quality and service. When it came time to select a manufacturer we knew what we were looking for and were treated seriously by the Industry leaders.

Our warranty conditions are as follows

Warranty Period:

Twelve months on parts and labour from date of retailer invoice on the frame, motor, gears, electric controller, throttle, PAS, battery and charger. All other parts are considered consumables and not subject to warranty.

Bicycle or component must be delivered to and collected from the retailer at customer’s expense or repaired by an agent authorized by the retailer. Unauthorized repair costs will not be reimbursed. The provision of replacement items or parts does not extend the applicable warranty period.


Water damage, caused by pressure cleaning or riding through water deeper than the motor axle.

Day to day wear and tear on items including but not limited to tyres, light globes, Fuses, chains, sprockets, cables, wheel spokes etc.

General service and maintenance

Deterioration from use and exposure

Use of non genuine components

Bicycle used in commercial operation

Inappropriate use, such as off road riding

Subsequent owners

The remainder of the warranty period applies to subsequent owners subject to a full inspection by Blind Freddy Electric Bikes or an authorized agent within one week from the date of purchase.
New owner will require proof of purchase.e