REHATRI 12 Inch Foot Tricycle


REHATRI 12 Inch Foot Tricycle

REHATRI Foot Tricycle

12 Inch wheels Model: 94586

12 inch Wheels Front and rear
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<p>The REHATRI Foot Tricycle range covers a range of sizes, and caters for a range of special needs.</p>
<p>The multitude of adjustment options provides a comfortable solution for a broad range of user requirements</p>
<li>Adjustable Seat Height</li>
<li>Forward &amp; Backward Seat Adjustment</li>
<li>LOOP Handle Bar with Height &amp; Angle adjustment</li>
<li>Front Wheel turn limiter (2 positions)</li>
<li>Pelvic Positioning Belt</li>
<li>Adjustable Backrest with Push Handle (16″, 20″ &amp; 24″)</li>
<li>Swing Away lateral support (16″, 20″ &amp; 24″)</li>
<li>Adjustable length Foot cups</li>
<li>Locking Park Brake</li>

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