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Smallest lightest Folding Electric Bike?

We get asked for this. Google it and you will see lots of claims. Maybe that is how you found us, so thanks for taking a look. If you have done this search you have the need to conserve space. Or perhaps want to use it on public transport. Here Is the good news. You now have your answer.

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The i-EZi from Blind Freddy Electric bikes ticks the following boxes.

Small folded size but large unfolded size The patented 3 way fold system results in a folded footprint of 69cm x 36. Folded Height 65cm Small enough for Public transport throughout Australia in peak time
Light Weight 18Kg including the 36V 10Ah Samsung Lithium Battery hidden inside the frame
Powerful 250W DC Brushless motor
Internal Gears Shimano Nexus 3 speed internal gears
Multi Stage PAS 6 stage Pedal activation system allows six levels for speed and power setting
Puncture protected tyres Tyres have a Kevlar casing for puncture protection
Excellent braking Shimano roller brake on the front and V brake on the rear
LED Lights Get off the train and ride home in the dark (safer than walking in the dark)
Trolley feature When folded the bike becomes a trolley. See the you tube clip on our website
Zip on cover Protect fellow passengers by enclosing the bike
USB Port Charge/run your Tablet, phone, GPS, headlamp etc. while travelling on the train


Not a kids toy

This is a serious high quality folding electric bike to the EN 15194 European standard and with TUV Rheinland German approval.

Our biggest claim to fame here is the 3 way fold. Most folding bikes fold in half then the handlebars fold down. The i-EZi firstly tucks the rear wheel under itself and then folds in half then the handlebar folds down. But that is not all. When folded you do not have to carry it because it mimics your travel luggage with its own set of trolley wheels.

i-EZI folds small enough to carry on Australian public trains during peak periods.  Roll on roll off. No carrying. Cover attaches from the top, so no lifting.  Roll it into the elevator and park it by your desk. Easily folds or unfolds in 40 seconds.  Yes it is a great bike to European Std EN15194. A compact adult bike, not a kid’s toy.


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Frame Patented 3 way fold. 6061 Aircraft grade alloy
Battery 36V 10.4Ah Samsung Lithium
Motor Powerful 250W with 3 stage pedal activation plus soft start, 6k/h throttle and start assist functions
Gears Shimano Nexus 3 speed internal hub combined with a Shimano rear roller brake
Tyres Kevlar shielded for puncture protection
Wheels 16" 6061 Alloy rims and Stainless steel spokes
Lights Front and rear LED lights
Size Folded. Footprint 69cm x 36cm
Height 65cm Weight 18kg inc Battery
Load Max 100kg
USB Charge phone or tablet while on the train
Colour Metallic (Pearlised) white


This bike has been specifically designed to be public transport friendly. Some of these design features are:-

  • Electric assistance encourages riding rather than parking your car at the station
  • LED lights enable you to ride to and from the station in the dark
  • Faster mobility allows you to avoid the creepy guy ahead on the footpath
  • Patented 3 way fold to enable very small size. Compliant with travel during peak times. See Youtube clip
  • Battery stored and locked securely inside the frame even when folded. So it can't fall out
  • Trolley rack rollers allow a free hand for safety and swiping your travel card. Also the need to carry it through doorways, turnstiles and in a crowded environment is avoided
  • Less than 18kg allows ease of handling for most people
  • Kevlar shielded tyres avoid almost all punctures
  • USB Port for charging cell phone or tablet while you travel

Using your i-EZi on the train
NB. Just because we claim that this bike can be used during peak times on all public transport in Australia does not give you carte blanch to demand access to a packed train, bus or ferry. Frankly you have similar rights as a mother with a stroller or a passenger with a suit case.

In the interest of common decency you should seek out a position on the platform where the carriage is less likely to be full.
When folded it is possible to stand with the bike between your legs and even sit on it.

Here is a simple instruction for using the i-EZi for train travel:

  • Ride your i-EZi to the station entry. DO NOT RIDE YOUR BIKE ON THE STATION OR PLATFORMS
  • Fold the i-EZi but leave the seat stem attached and cover off. See Youtube clip Power will turn off when you fold
  • Wheel the i-EZi like a suitcase using the trolley rack rollers
  • Fit the cover when you reach your platform position
  • Pay attention and adhere to instructions from the train conductor or railway officials if given. They may direct you to a specific carriage
  • Wheel the i-EZI behind you as you board the train watching the gap. If there is a step up unzip the top of the cover, Grasp the frame and lift the bike into the carriage
  • Position the i-EZi where it will cause the least possible interference to other passengers
  • Remove the seat post and place it in the cover
  • Prior to disembarkation refit the seat post
  • Upon arrival do not unfold the i-EZi until you leave the station

Using the USB:
There is no need to turn the power on. simply open the dust cover below the seat post and plug your cell phone or tablet cable into the USB connection.