Special Needs Tricycles


Electric bicycles and tricycles lend themselves to people with special needs. These people would love to enjoy the freedom of a bicycle or tricycle but due to limitations in strength, movement, balance or another chalenge need a little help. At Blind Freddy Electric Bikes we take these needs seriously and develop purpose built cycles. We work with you to capitalise on strengths and  overcome these limitations. We are also a registered Queensland Government Community Aids Equipment & Assistive Technology Initiative (CAEATI) Prescriber. Vendor Reference CS590483. Imagine a child with limited core strength being able to cycle with his or her friends. Some of our special needs customers now ride to school.
  • Limited leg rotation is overcome with step pedal motion.
  • Back weakness is compensated with back rests on tricycles.
  • Ankle weakness with self levelling pedals.
  • Leg weakness with Special needs pedals.
  • Pelvic and backrest belts on tricycles for security
  • But best of all an electric motor on some models to help on the hills and generally make the ride easier while still providing exercise.


At Blind Freddy Electric Bikes it is our honour to make available Bicycles and Tricycles for Special Needs customers. However it must be noted that we are not experts in the field of Physiotherapy. In fact we avoid giving advice and recommend any consideration towards purchasing a special needs cycle must be discussed with a professional in this field before making the purchase. Given this we advise that we cannot be held responsible in the event of a claim resulting from the use of our products.