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Electric Bike Parts & Repairs

We pride ourselves on having replacement parts for our e-bikes, on hand, in our Brisbane workshop. Our mission is not to only sell bikes, but to keep our customers bikes on the road and in perfect working order. Of late we have been inundated by customers wanting repairs or parts for e-bikes purchased on e-Bay, Alibaba, and other online or from short-term suppliers. These e-bikes are often impossible or at least very difficult to get parts for. Often the item supplied is not the part ordered, leading to further frustration. In the case of bikes that were not originally supplied by our company. We will be happy to service, repair punctures, replace tyres, sprockets, chains, gear sets, brakes etc. However, Due to the difficulties in procuring replacement electric components and the dubious quality of such components we are no longer prepared to diagnose and repair faults with electric componentry other than batteries and chargers.

Electric Bike Battery testing

The battery is generally the most expensive part of your e-bike. Replacement cost is generally upward of $450.00. Testing for Lithium Ion batteries requires an electronic loader not a multimeter. We can test the battery for $10.00 including a written report. Just bring the battery to us fully charged. “This could be the best $10.00 you ever spend”. Testing cost is refunded if you purchase a replacement battery from us.

Spare Parts

We supply a large range of bicycle spare parts and accessories for most e-bikes However, we are no longer prepared to offer electric componentry, other than batteries and chargers for e-bike brands not supplied by our company.  

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