Frequently Asked Questions

Up to 600 charge cycles. Lithium Ion batteries like to be kept fully charged and have no memory effect. We recommend charging after every use. This is a partial charge. A full charge cycle is when the battery power has been depleted.

EN 15194 is the European standard for electric bikes and was adopted in Australia in 2012. Amongst other things EN 15194 allows for a 250 W motor. There is quite a bit to this standard and if someone claims that their bike is to this standard ask to see the independent Verification to EN 15194 Compliance or a copy of the import approval from The Department of Infrastructure and Transport. This standard does not allow a throttle except for a feature allowing 6 Kph (walking speed). If an e-bike is 250W and has a throttle the throttle must only be capable of taking the bike to walking speed.

For more on EN 15194 Google it or for an article that gives a good outline we like the one on the following link: http://www.pedelecs.co.uk/forum/electric-bicycles/3946-new-epac-standard-en-15194-safe-e-bikes.html

No the battery is recharged using a charger supplied with the bike. We can create a system to recharge while you ride but the gain is far too little against the cost of the system. Be careful some sellers have old technology motors that remain engaged whilst you pedal.

They promote these as being able to charge while you ride. That means you have to work harder to ride without power assistance for a gain you can barely measure. Stay away from these. There is an excellent Canadian system that does charge the battery (if this is important to you click here to find out more) but at approximately five cents to fully charge your battery from the grid most people don’t want to spend the extra money. Furthermore it is hard work to charge the battery.

All of our electric bikes meet Australian regulations and have 200 Watt Motors or 250W motors to EN 15194

The seats on our bikes are generally very good but we appreciate that cycling can be uncomfortable after a while in the saddle. In fact it can be detrimental to your health. We offer a variety of special saddles, some recommended by Urologists.

No we do not supply petrol models.

Yes all of our bikes are supplied with chargers specific to their needs.

All legal e-bikes for Australia are limited to a maximum speed of 25kph where the motor ceases to provide assistance beyond 25kph. You can however pedal or coast downhill beyond this speed without motor assistance.

Yes they may be legal but price is a good indication of quality and service. Check spare parts availability, lithium batteries, bike should have gears, maximum 200W or EN 15194 certification. Be very careful some sellers are new to this business and they are importing bikes with limited or no spare parts. Some also Import a container of bikes before they develop a marketing plan. Subsequently the stock is slow moving and has to be quit at cost or sold on e-bay. The seller then closes the doors and your bike becomes an orphan.