Electric Bike Battery Chargers

We offer many chargers to suit your need and budget.
How to specify your charger:

If your battery charger has died it is easy to make a note of the voltage output, amperage output, battery type and plug type.

If it is lost or stolen then it becomes more difficult but not impossible. Call us and we will help you specify the required charger.

  • Voltage is usually 24V, 36V or 48V but the output on the charger may say 29.4V for a 24V battery or 42V for a 36V battery. This is quite normal
  • Amperage will vary between 1,5A to 2.0A
  • Battery type. This is very important. SLA means Sealed Lead Acid. Li-Ion is Lithium Ion. NiMH is Nickel Metal Hydride. Chargers are specific to these batteries. Do not attempt to mix them up.
  • Plug type. Some output plugs are pictured below If your plug is different to these you may need to have your old plug fitted to the new charger. A good connection is important. Battery input ports and charger output plugs must ne kept clean and free from dirt and corrosion. Before you replace your charger inspect the plug and battery port. Also have a qualified person check the output with a multimeter.

It is worth noting that many Lithium Ion battery suppliers prefer that you use a charger specific to their battery. So it is important to get it right.