BH Easy Motion


BH Electric bikes in Brisbane

BH Bikes is a globally recognised European brand with a strong following. The same can now be said about BH EMOTION or Easy Motion Electric Bikes.

At Blind Freddy Electric Bikes we have been selling BH since 2015 We know they have a strong following and people are asking for BH Easy Motion because of the brand recognition, Another major reason to buy the EasyMotion brand is performance.

In our opinion nothing in the street legal category comes close to the power of EasyMotiion. with EN 15194 certification.

This means you have a road legal electric bike and in the event of a third party injury this is vitally important. Because riding an illegal bike means you are responsible for the costs of litigation and damages in the event of an accident.


If you do a Google search you will find YouTube clips and lots of positive information on BH Easy Motion and no doubt varying prices from the many Australian distributors. Our endeavour is to price our bikes as good or better than anyone in South East Queensland. Plus, of course outstanding after sales service.

The new model line-up is now taking shape 8 bike types most with multiple frame sizes. All are mid drive motors.

If you have a particular model in mind and live in South east Queensland We will bend over backwards to get you the bike you want at the best possible price.