Profile: Blind Freddy Electric Bikes

What is an e-bike?

For those who are new to e-bikes. They are a pedal bicycle with electric assistance. It is like joining a Gym and starting on the low weights with the option to change the assistance as your muscle tone and breathing improves. We have e-bikes in all variations, including folding e-bikes, tricycles and special needs cycles plus pricing to suit every budget. We also offer parts and service.

Who is Blind Freddy?

Ironically my name is Bruce, not Freddy. I named our business Blind Freddy because initially I started building and selling e-bikes as a hobby and had a previously registered company, Blind Freddy Pty. Ltd. It is an old Aussie saying. When something is as obvious as the nose on your face. “Even Blind Freddy can see that.” If Jenny and I had known what it would become, we would have chosen a more appropriate business name. It is too late to change it now because it seems that everybody knows Blind Freddy, so we are stuck with it.

As a kid I loved bikes and was restoring bikes from the age of 11 and selling them to make pocket money. In 2007 living in Buderim I built my first e-bike using an e-Lation mid drive kit. Being mechanically minded, I was impressed by the developer who had won an award from the ABC inventors’ program.

I fell in love with e-bikes and saw the massive potential of this fledgling industry. We grew our small business using bikes from Australian wholesalers, this was okay, but we really wanted a say in the features and quality of the bikes. With over 2600 manufacturers of e-bikes in China, most Chinese Manufacturers think that “Westerners” are looking for a cheap price, but chasing price becomes a race to the bottom and we wanted durability, reliability, safety, appearance and a reasonable selection. Obviously, supplier selection is vitally important.

In March 2012, we placed our first factory order with a major e-bike manufacturer who produce huge volumes of quality e-bikes for Europe with EN 15194 European certification. We did not simply order from a catalogue we studied the bikes comparing them with our conditions in Australia. In the main our terrain is more like Germany, but we have more unsealed roads. Our population is primarily costal, so corrosion resistance is very important. With these factors in mind we select strong frames made from aircraft/marine grade aluminium plus as much non-ferrous components as possible to provide strength and prevent corrosion. Our tyres are puncture resistant (Kevlar shielded) where ever possible. Batteries generally contain LG, Samsung or Panasonic cells for long life and exceptional performance. Our chargers are “C Tick” Australian approved and we are ERAC registered ensuring Government compliance to electrical safety standards. It does not end there. I immerse myself in the in the e-bike manufacturing industry, meeting with global industry suppliers and distributors, sharing ideas and swapping information.

We have grown our “i” branded and Island series bikes to 14 models including 4 folding models and 2 e-tricycle models. These bikes are exclusive to Blind Freddy Electric Bikes and we are proud of the quality, reliability and our ability to provide spare parts, service and advice from our Brisbane location.
Our retail store/workshop is in Brendale. 20Km north of Brisbane and people bring their e-bikes from far and wide for us to repair and service. My Colleague Jim owned and operated his own bicycle shop and is a fully qualified bicycle technician (AUR 30205 Certificate III in Bicycles) and has also completed all modules of the Trek University course. Both Jim and I share a love of helping our customers, especially those who are new to electric bikes. Please feel free to give us a call or drop in for guidance or information and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.