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Don't buy an Electric Bike until you read this

The mistakes people make:

  • Buy online without test riding
  • Buying an unknown brand with no parts or repair support
  • Buying used. Usually the battery is on its way out and often no longer available
  • Buying a cheap bike.

Consider an e-bike in the same category as a washing machine. You buy a known brand with spare parts backup and technical support when you need it.

The Legal requirements:

Motor scooter look alike e-bikes are illegal:
Stay away from these because you will get fined and then have to take it to the dump.

  • If you can’t raise and lower the seat don’t buy it
  • If you can’t pedal it long distance without motor assistance don’t buy it
  • If it looks like a motor scooter don’t buy it


  • 200W is legal 250W only legal if bike meets Pedelec standard (EN 15194)

Buy Local

  • Most suppliers will insist you send it back at your cost for warranty repairs
  • Check how long the seller has been in business
  • Don’t buy from a warehouse unless they have been around for a long time

Free Advice

  • Your local e-bike seller will give common sense advice, ability to try before you buy and have a commitment to your long term satisfaction. He can’t hide behind a web address with limited or no personal interaction.

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Featured Bikes

  • i-CiTY (3 variants)

    The i-CiTY 26″ Stepthrough is one of our most popular models. It is available in these 3 variants.

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    The i-CiTY is a 26” wheel medium frame bike modelled after the classic European cruiser bikes. It is suitable for riders from approximately 157cm (5’2”). We offer this bike in 3 variants and two battery options:


    • i-CiTY Nexus 3 This is designed for the inexperienced rider who wants simplicity and comfort. The gears are internal so can be changed while stationery or under way. The motor is 200W allowing both throttle and Pedal activation control.
    • i-CiTY 7 This is a 250W version with rear wheel drive and derailleur gears. Being 250W you cannot legally have a throttle except a walking speed (6kph) throttle.
    • i-CiTY 9 This is a high torque version of the i-CiTY 7 We offer this for the customers who live in the more hilly regions. To improve on this (and stay legal) you need to go for a mid drive bike at a much higher price.

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  • i-CRUiSE

    This is the big seller in Europe a tall 700C comfort unisex cruiser with a 250W motor. Obviously It has EN 15194 certification.

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    Features include an internal 8 speed Shimano Nexus gear hub allowing a fully enclosed chain and gear selection while the bike is stationary. It is a superb classic comfort bike and also has the traditional tool free head enabling handlebar height and position adjustment with a simple lever.

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  • i-TORQUE

    The i-TORQUE is the same bike as the i-CRUiSE except the power delivery is via a German manufactured torque sensor system.

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    The i-TORQUE is the same bike as the i-CRUiSE except the power delivery is via a German manufactured torque sensor system. When you ride this bike you will feel like Superman/woman. It also delivers more kilometres per battery charge.

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  • EVO ECO Lite

    The narrow and stylized design of the diagonal tube with a 17% smaller cross section, gives the bike the aesthetic of a conventional bike.

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    • Frame: Evo City Wave Alloy 26″
    • Fork: HI-Ten
    • Stem: Alloy
    • Headset: Integrated
    • Shift levers: Shimano Tourney 7SP
    • Rear Derailleur: Shimano RDTX35 7 sp
    • Front Derailleur: Shimano FM191

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  • e-totem Milan

    If you are considering a mid drive you are likely to be looking for excellent climbing performance.

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    If you are considering a mid drive you are likely to be looking for excellent climbing performance.

    In the Netherlands where it is flat front wheel drive and internal geared rear hubs are the most popular but in much of Europe riders are looking for e-bikes to provide excellent climbing power.

    Given that The EN15194 standard limits engine wattage to 250W constant power, we then need to adapt the hardware to perform hill climbing within this standard. This is done using gearing and motor torque… Read more below in the “Description”.

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Your bike will be proudly manufactured to International and European standards (EN 15194 certified).


We have a fully equipped workshop and the know how to service and repair almost all makes of “Legal” electric bikes.


You have more than 30 models to select from

Spare Parts:

You won’t be left with a crippled bike. We carry spares and will be there when you need them.


You can rest assured; We cover parts and labour for 12 months For full guarantee details click here.


Here is the big one. “Your Electric bike will be legal.” Believe it or not many suppliers are selling illegal bikes.


Choose 200 Watt with PAS and throttle option or 250 Watt PAS mode.

Phone for advice:

You can talk to us; ask advice on safety, Australian legislation, which bike is right for you etc… (Phone 07 3205 8859 or 0409 126 669)

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